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Gary Good

Gary Good

Let me tell you, the truth behind Gary, 

A beast forged by the men, 

Whose scars I do carry. 

With good intentions they pretend,

And on naivety they did depend. 

But as paper in my hand,  

They feel like one man. 

Thanks to Gary Good,  

They're easier understood. 

The beasts that did scare me, 

I can see far more clearly, 

And with words of weapons, 

And a pencil of lead, 

They're the ones who should fear me instead. 


I did what I was told, 

And allowed myself to be controlled. 

If I did my best to please,  

I thought peace would be achieved.  

But part of my heart I sold,  

And left out in the cold. 


Now I want to be released, 

And find relief from past grief, 

But I can't yet feel whole,  

When it's part of my soul,
That Gary still holds.  


His next story is fiction,

And it was his first draft,

But it's one that I'll keep,

As part of his past. 

Created to lighten the mood,

Though to diminish his meaning,
I think he'd find quite rude. 

But this is out of his control,
So, truth or fiction you can choose, 

Shall I share with you my soul?

Or would you rather have a lol?




Gary Good

A Devout Humanitarian


A beast forged by Lucifer to mindlessly devour Gods most pure, and all that is good; however, the irony between the connotations of his surname and what he was built to destroy sprouted a seed of conscience . . .

Eventually Gary rebelled. He refused to consume the good, or the pure, and vowed to live eternity as a humanitarian, feasting on nothing but the rancid flesh of humankind.

He was a Devout Humanitarian for centuries . . . But when human coffee consumption increased exponentially during the 18th century; saturating their vile blood and staining his pearly whites.

Once rumours on the teeth whitening properties of angel embryos began to circle, he was tempted into hypocrisy.

When no one's looking, he's guzzling caviar of the gods.

Gary may be a product of my imagination, but he's a beast that lurks within us all.

I now suggest that you forget this sight, least Gary visits your dreams tonight;

He isn't so good in the dark . . . .


His description will be included; 

printed with a filigree border, to match the dark undertones in his story!


Prices are in NZD

High Resolution Prints, on 250gsm lustre finish paper:

A2 $60

A3 $50

A4 $40

A5 $30

Original A3, on 250gsm paper $500

All items will be carefully sent to you within a protective tube.


To courier within New Zealand:

$15 flat rate

To courier prints internationally:

$25 flat rate.

For costs to ship items valued over $250 internationally, email me!


To Purchase:

Please deposit payment here and email me with your request, and your address!

Haley Blaylock

060781 0125059 00

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