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Sandrainia Salt

Sandrainia Salt

Hi, my name is Sandrainia,
And I have story most profound,
Right here in Seaview Marina,
Is where I nearly drowned,
We came to Compass for Coffee,
But my life it almost cost me,

I should have been protected,
but instead I was neglected,
Like paper in the wind I lifted,
To the water is where I drifted,
Now I'm falling through the air,
And sinking in despair.

Drowning in emotion,
Will I be devoured, by beasts of the ocean?
But a moment forlorn,
Is when I was reborn,
Because then hands reached in and saved me,
And a second chance is what they gave me,
I was a fragile piece of paper,
Now I'm something greater.

I thought that was the end of my story,
But now I'm destined for glory,
Shaped by my past,
I found my home at last,

Because of what transpired,
I am admired and desired,
Compass Coffee is where I had my fall,
But now I sit proudly on the wall.

Perched upon my throne,
Here, I'll never be alone.

 - - - - - - - -

Her poem will be included; 

printed with a filigree border, to match the dark undertones in her story!


Prices are in NZD

High Resolution Prints, on 250gsm lustre finish paper:

A2 $60

A3 $50

A4 $40

A5 $30

Original A3, on 250gsm paper $550
(For sale at Compass Coffee (Seaview Marina) - Contact  027 225 2773 or myself for availablity.)


All items will be carefully sent to you within a protective tube.


To courier within New Zealand:

$15 flat rate

To courier prints internationally:

$25 flat rate.

For costs to ship items valued over $250 internationally, email me!


To Purchase:

Please deposit payment here and email me with your request, and your address!

Haley Blaylock

060781 0125059 00

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